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Infection Control Links and Documents

The sites linked to this page and documents listed provide important infection prevention and control information from a range of state, national and international sources.

Links/ Documents

CPE Guidelines Victoria - Releasd in December 2015 this document guides health services with the Victorian requirements for the detection and management of CPE

Ebola Virus Disease - this website contains documents released by the Department of health Victoria for Victorian Health Care Facilities.

Grampians Medicare Local - Immunisation

Link to Grampians Medicare Local immunisation portal for resources, local contacts, and tools.

NHMRC precautions posters

Posters in all formates:

  • picture steps 
  • drawing steps
  • with or without standard precautions on the bottom of the posters

Healthcare Infection Control Practices Advisory Commitee (HICPAC)

A variety of CDC guidelines listed in this link from sterilization, outbreak management, isolation precautions,environmental infection control, hand hygiene, device associated infection, MROs and others.

Antimicrobial Stewardship in Australian Hospitals 2011

This publication is designed to provide clinicians and health administrators with the evidence for the use of specifi c quality improvement and patient safety activities to reduce preventable HAI. It has been produced primarily for use in hospitals. The publication provides guidance on developing and introducing a hospital AMS program. It describes the structure, governance and resources needed for an effective program, along with those strategies shown to influence antimicrobial prescribing and reduce inappropriate use.

Glen’s Story: How Hospital Associated Infections Can Impact on a Person’s Life and Family.Produced by The Victorian Infection Control Professionals Association (VICPA)

To support infection control professionals in their infection prevention and control initiatives the Victorian Infection Control Professionals Association (VICPA) has developed a storytelling video with the assistance and support of a family who share their experience and the impact that acquiring a hospital associated infection has had on their lives. 

The Australian Infection Control Guidelines- the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care has developed a series of infection control guidelines, consumer information fact sheets and generic signage that can be used by all health care facilities.

ACIPC - this site is the Australasian College for Infection prevention and Control web page and contains information that promotes infection prevention strategies in health care settings.

RICPRAC - published by the Victorian Department of Human Services for the Rural Infection Control Practice Group - this site contains details of the five Victorian rural infection control centres and has a series of resources developed by each region including a generic infection control manual that you are welcome to use as a template for your manual.

Gastroenteritis Guidelines - The Victorian Government Health Information for the investigation of gastroenteritis illness. It guides investigators from the time the incident is detected, through the investigational requirements, to the implementation of control measures.

Clostridium difficile Guidelines - The Victorian Department of Health guidelines for managing residents with C difficile.

Current Health Alerts - The Victorian Department of Health, Chief Health Officer, Current health alerts page.

The Blue Book - published by the Victorian Department of Human Services, Communicable Diseases Section, Public Health Group ,the blue book is a guide for the control of infectious diseases designed to assist public health practitioners in the prevention and control of infectious diseases.

Hand Hygiene Australia - this site provides information on The Australian Commission on Quality and Safety in Health Care National Hand Hygiene Initiative. The purpose of the National Hand Hygiene Initiative is to develop a national approach to improving hand hygiene and monitor its effectiveness.

Immunisation For Health Care Workers - published by the Victorian Department of Human Services, this site sets out the Victorian Government vaccine policy to maintain immunity in the health care worker population helping prevent transmission of vaccine-preventable diseases to and from health care workers and patients.

Pandemic Influenza Plans and Guidelines - published by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing, this link contains guidance primarily for health professionals regarding infection control for healthcare and community settings, in the management of pandemic influenza patients, agreed by experts from an infection control working group of the National Influenza Pandemic Action Committee.

Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Influnenza Outbreaks in Residential Care Facilities for Public Health Units in Australia - from the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing - the purpose of these guidelines is to provide national best practice guidelines for staff of public health units for preventing, defining and managing outbreaks of influenza in Residential Care Facilities in Australia during interpandemic periods.

H1N1 Health Emergency Website - the Australian Government's Health Emergency website keeps you up-to-date with important information about pandemic (H1N1) 2009 influenza outbreaks in Australia, and the actions you can take to protect yourself, your family and the community.

Immunise Australia Program - published by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing - this website provides information about immunisation and Australian immunisation standards, including the Australian Immunisation Handbook 9th Edition 2008 (NHMRC)

CDC Infection Control in Health Care - published by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, USA, this website contains a large range of infection control guidelines on MROs, hand hygiene, healthcare associated infections and many other relevent topic.

WHO Website - published by the World Health Organisation this site provides links to descriptions of activities, reports, news and events, as well as contacts and cooperating partners in the various WHO programmes and offices working on infection control

Design Guidelines for Hospitals and Day Procedure Centres - published by the Department of Human Services, Victoria these guidelines enable health facilities throughout Victoria to use a common set of base elements as a guide to building new health care facilities. The guidelines can be downloaded from this site - very large file.

Victorian Cleaning Standards - published by the Victorian Department of Health, this website contains the Cleaning standards for Victorian health facilities  as well as information about auditing processes, education and reporting requirements.

IHEA IC Resources - published by the Institute of Hospital Engineers Australia, this web page includes a PDF version of the "Infection Control Principles for the Management of Contruction, Renovation, Repairs and Maintenance within Health Care Facilities". 

Antimicrobial Resistance Summit 2011 -  Presentations from an important Antimicrobial Resistance Summit held in Sydney. 7 & 8 February 2011.